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Health Leaving 


Did you know that Thai Food is Good for You?


Thai cuisine is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. With its ancient blend of both fresh and dried herbs and spices, Thai food offers a delicious way to get the nutrients, antioxidants and disease-fighting potential we need to achieve lifelong health. 


Health benefits of Thai Cuisine


Galangal, Coriander and Basil contain powerful antioxidants that help fight inflammation and protect our body from the harmful damage by toxins and free radicals.


Turmeric is a valuable digestive aid; it improves cardiovascular (heart) conditions and helps to protect the body from bacterial infection.


Chilli Pepper (fresh or dried) and Coconut Milk both help to keep the heart running smoothly and aid circulation. Chilli Pepper is known for speeding up metabolism.


Coconut Milk is extremely good for us as it lowers bad cholesterol while promoting good cholesterol and fights aging.


Lemongrass helps to fight off cold & flu as well as relieving headaches, stomach cramps and arthritis. Chilli Pepper (fresh or dried) each day can help us fall asleep and sleep more soundly.


So if you eat Thai food on a regular basis, you will have more immune boosting power, you will help fight off colds and flu and you’ll sleep better.